Bringing Baby Home (BBH) Workshop January 2020

This two-day workshop is for couples who are interested in having a baby, are expecting a baby and for couples who are already parenting an infant or toddler. Couples will learn how to create positive baby/child interactions, learn about child development and co-parenting strategies. They will also learn how to increase affection, maintain relationship satisfaction […]


Working with Anger in Psychotherapy

By Dr. Ava Ghasemi, Psy.D., C.Psych., Clinical Psychologist at the Mapletree Center DMCC, Oct 28, 2018 Anger is a normal human emotion that is healthy and adaptive. The word emotion includes the term “motion.” In other words, when a person feels an emotion it serves as important data on what needs to be done. For example, if an […]


Why being a better spouse makes you a better parent

The modern parent’s obsession with self-sacrifice for the sake of their kids is back-firing – badly. Counselling psychologist Matleena Vanhanen explains why. All parents want their baby to thrive and be healthy. But so much time, energy and love is channeled into perfecting a child’s nutrition, sleep routine and play activities, that the parents’ relationship […]