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Online Therapy & Counselling

To support you during these challenging times we are now offering therapy and counseling sessions online from the comfort of your home; face to face sessions are not possible until government restrictions regarding physical distancing are lifted.

Online therapy is a convenient and effective alternative to face-face therapy.

Why should I consult during this period of isolation?

Covid-19 has been affecting the health of individuals worldwide. The physical impact and uncertainty about the disease can cause you to feel overwhelmed with fear and worry. If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, panic, or are feeling unsettled and having a hard time coping during this period of isolation we are here to support you online.

Here are answers to questions you may have:

1. What is Online/Web-based/Tele therapy?

These terms refer to counselling or psychotherapy that takes place over the internet instead of in person. 

2. What is Zoom?

We are using Zoom, an online video conferencing platform. 

3. Do I need to purchase Zoom?

No. The day of your session your therapist will email you an invitation to join a meeting. All you need to do is click “Join Meeting”, enter the password provided in the email, turn on your video and audio. 

4. How will I pay?

We have moved to an online payment platform and are accepting payment with credit or debit card. We also continue to accept payments via bank transfer your therapist will email you the MapleTree Center banking details.

5:  What happens if we experience technical difficulty?

Video calls occasionally have technical difficulties. If that happens, we would finish our session via voice call or telephone. 

6. Will the sessions be confidential?

While there remains some risk that online methods may be intercepted, it is helpful to ensure your laptop has updated malware/ virus detection software and that you are using a secure WiFi account that is locked with a password. You would ideally need to be in a private and confidential space where you won’t be interrupted. Your therapist will make sure that he/she is protecting your confidentiality in this same way.

6. How should I prepare for an online session? 

You only need to find a private and confidential space where you won’t be interrupted.

7. How long is the session and how much will it cost?

Please confirm duration and cost of session with your therapist.

8. Does web-based therapy work? Can it help?

Research suggests that web-based therapy can as effective face-to-face therapy.

Your mental and emotional well-being matters to us! You are not alone, we are here to listen, support and help you. To make an appointment for a session online using Zoom Contact us today!